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Ray's Fantasy Game

A fun game for everyone who can type or txt. The game is pure fantasy role playing/interaction that allows you to explore your imagination. Think "Theater of the mind".


  1. Must be played via text, msg or chats

  2. The game starts and continues when any participant types [FANTASY START: LOCATION & TIME]

  3. [FS] must be typed before all messages after starting the fantasy. FS = Fantasy Starts. Typing this outside of a game, does not count and will be ignored. If [FS[ is not typed, comment will be ignored/mute and no one will respond.

  4. Each participant is only allowed to type 17 words at a time. Emojis count as one word. Gifs count as 17 words.

  5. The first message of each participant must always be the name, gender and role of the participant. Be creative or not, your choice.

  6. After sending a message, participants must wait until another player has responded. Therefore, no continuous messages are allowed.

  7. Response time should not exceed 5 minutes. If response occurs at 5 minutes or later, the game is officially over and everything that is typed afterwards is not a fantasy.

  8. The game ends when any participant types [FANTASY ENDS] Anyone can type this at any time. At which point fantasy ends and everything afterwards is real time shit.

  9. Anything that is typed between the START and END is pure fantasy.

  10. If anyone violates any of the above rules, they become "invisible" and are ignored for the remainder of game. "bye felicia". If two people are playing the game will end immediately. Invisible responses add no further value to the game.

  11. WARNING: If [FANTASY END] is never typed and response time has exceeded 5 minutes. Game is officially over.

  12. If someone types [FS] before their message, before the game starts. Be warned, It is not a fantasy.

  13. If someone types [FS] before their message, after the game is over. Be warned, It is not a fantasy.


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